Tournament Information

Country Club Level is Equal to NTPR Ranking


Open or NTPR (8.5 combined and above)
A (8.0 combined and below)
B (7.0 combined and below)
C (6.0 combined and below)
D (5.0 combined and below)


Open or NTPR (8.5 combined and above)
A (8.0 combined and below)
B (7.0 combined and below)
C (6.0 combined and below)

  • Divisions range from combined 6.0 to Open.
    Match play starts on Friday, April 19, 2024 for most divisions. All player must be able to play 8:00 am on Friday morning. Sorry, we will not consider any requests for changes to start times.
  • Limit: 32 teams/division or 300 total players, whichever comes first.
  • No refunds after April 1st. (Such as injuries, personal scheduling issues, and weather).
  • All our match times are dependent on weather and delays. See below how to stay informed. No refund for weather delays/cancellations.

Party, Food, Beverages…

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided each day.
  • Players gift in addition to the choice of a tournament hat or visor.
  • The entry includes a player party with fun, food and games on Saturday night at the courts. 5:30 – 10:00 pm.
  • We offer dinner choices from 3 food trucks – use your ticket.

Tickets and Wrist Bands

  • Player bags include tickets for every meal during the weekend. Each ticket has a different color to be used for different meals.
  • The welcome bag also includes the ticket for the Saturday night Player Party meal.
  • The food trucks for the player party will not serve you without a ticket. Please do not lose these tickets. You must have a ticket to receive your meals, with no exceptions. 

Meal & beverage tickets for no-players

  • Non-players may purchase a weekend wristband that will include food and drinks for $50, including for the Saturday night food truck party.

Tournament Address

Eagle Harbor Tennis
1880 Eagle Harbor Pkwy
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Change of Partner After the Draw is Posted

If there is a change of partner before the start of Tennis 4 Cancer, you do not need to inform us about the change, simply do so at check-in.

Remember the new partner must have the same rating or lower than the partner being replaced.

Player Information

Please read before you arrive to play!


  1. Play will start at 8:00 am Friday and Saturday. Warm-up for these 8:00 am matches only can begin at 7:30 am. Use this early warmup opportunity wisely. We will begin to play at 8:05 am. Please report to the tournament table before you begin warm-up.
  2. Start times for the first match may be as early as 8:00 am on Friday or as late as Saturday afternoon. You may be required to play the last match on Friday night, and then the first match on Saturday morning, depending on the draw. Based on the size of the draw, teams may be eliminated from the tournament on Friday night. We realize this is not optimal, but logistically there is no other way to complete the larger draws by Sunday.
  3. We will NOT consider any requests for changes to start times. You should prepare to play at 8:00 am Friday morning, and be able to play any time during the duration of the tournament. Our blind computer draw is designed to maximize court playing times.
  4. Players may go to to find out what time their first match will take place. All matches other than the first match will be issued on-site at the Tournament Table. It is the players’ responsibility to confirm their match time.
  5. If you lose your first match you may play again on Friday or on Saturday. It is the players’ responsibility to confirm their match time with the Tournament Table.
  6. Upon arriving for your first match, report to the Registration Table first and then report to the Tournament Table. You must have your wristband for the Tournament before you will be assigned a court for play.
  7. All players should report to the Tennis Center 30 minutes before your scheduled match. If all players are present and courts are available, we will start matches early.
  8. All players should report and check-in to the Tournament Table no later than 15 minutes before each of your scheduled matches.
  9. There is a 15-minute grace period to report to the Tournament Table after your scheduled match time.  If you do not report within the grace period, your match will be forfeited.
  10. Teams will be allowed a 5-minute warm-up and conduct the coin toss. The 5-minute warm-up will be strictly adhered to. The Tournament Director will be available to answer any scoring or ruling questions.
  11. Both teams must report back to the Tournament Table upon completion of their match. All balls must be returned to the desk. Once your scores are recorded, you will be issued your next match start time.


Parking at the Tennis Center for the tournament is very limited. We have 250 players this year, plus staff and volunteers. Please carpool if possible!

Do you live in Eagle Harbor?
If possible, please consider walking, biking, or carpooling to the Tennis Center in order to save space for those who need to drive.

Overflow parking is in the Publix shopping center between CR 220 and Eagle Harbor Parkway.
Please Do Not park at Child Time on Friday. Child Time may be used as overflow on Saturday and Sunday only.

Only park in designated spots, absolutely no parking on the grass on Eagle Harbor Parkway. Do not remove cones to occupy parking spots. Spots are reserved for the drop-off of supplies and vendors.

Subscribe to Text Alerts

Critical information sent to your phone

Text  T4C21 to phone number 84483 to receive up-to-the-minute alerts from Tennis 4 Cancer.

Receive messages with updates about the tournament such as rain delays, updated match times, etc.

Reply STOP at any time to opt-out.

In the event of rain, the following contingency plan will be implemented:

    1. The Tournament will begin assuming no rain delays. This means the Tournament will be played as a 3 set match with a Coman Tiebreaker if necessary. You must report to the tournament at your scheduled match time whether it is raining or not unless you see official notification otherwise. Do not assume your match has been postponed. We will have a text message system to inform players of weather and other tournament information. Make sure you sign up for text messaging by texting T4C21 to 84483.
    2. If rain forces the Tournament to be stopped, we will change the format of the tournament. Once play resumes, all matches not completed before the rain delay, will be completed under the format in which they began. If the match began as regular sets with a Coman tiebreaker, they will continue under that format until the match is completed.
    3. All matches that were not started before the rain delay will then be played under the Pro-set System with No Ad scoring until the tournament is caught up. If there are multiple delays, the match will continue under this format until it is complete.
    4. The Pro-set scoring will continue for all matches in all divisions until the tournament is caught up to its’ scheduled match times.

Rain Continency Pro-set scoring: 

  • Instead of playing multiple sets, players play one Pro-Set. The Pro-Set is a race to win 8 games by a margin of 2 games
  • Individual games will have No-Ad Scoring. This means that if a game goes to Deuce, the game will be decided by one-point playoff. The Receiving team will decide who receives the one-point game deciding serve. The winner of that point wins that game.
  • If the set is tied at 8-8, the match will be decided by a 7-point Coman Tiebreaker. The winner of the tiebreaker wins the match.
  1. Matches may be played earlier than 8am or later into the night on Friday and/or Saturday if necessary. This could mean matches being played as early as 7am or as late as 10pm. Our goal is to play as many matches necessary to complete the tournament.
  2. If matches go late on Friday or Saturday, we will make arrangements to provide food and drink for those still playing.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel matches in the Consolation Draw in order to complete the Main Draw provided all teams have played 2 matches. This is an extreme case, but again our goal is to crown a Champion in each Division.
  4. If the Tournament cannot be completed, we will discuss the options available with each division on a case-by-case basis.


The number one priority for our committee is the health and well-being of our players, visitors and volunteers. We encourage all players to prepare for the weekend by hydrating well in advance.

Here are the contingencies we will take during the Tournament:

  • Water, Ice and Iced towels will be provided on court and fresh iced towels will be rotated by our staff before each match. Gatorade will be provided at the Tennis Center.
  • We will reserve the right to move the Saturday and Sunday matches from 8 am to 7am to avoid some of the hotter periods of the day, and to make up for any weather delays that may occur.
  • Some courts may be shut down periodically from 2 pm-4pm for maintenance. This will allow us to water the courts to prevent drying out, and provide a break during the peak of the hot weather.
  • We will have Emergency Services on staff for the entire weekend. If you feel ill, lightheaded or queasy or get the dry chills at any time during the tournament, please seek assistance immediately.

Hydration Tips for the Weekend

Start your hydration process 3 to 5 days in advance of your first match. Your body can only absorb fluids in small doses. You must consider the electrolyte content of your fluid intake, especially if you exceed about 24 oz/hr (710 ml/hr). In hot weather, we recommend that you take electrolytes before and during every hour of exercise. We do not recommend simply using Salt Tablets. If you use electrolyte supplements, find one that addresses all electrolyte needs not just Sodium and Chloride.

Don’t assume that you can drink unlimited amounts of water or fluid during exercise and expect that all of it will be absorbed and the excess will be lost in sweat or through the kidneys. You will instead bloat, dilute your blood, urinate excessively, and develop water intoxication.
Wear the lightest, most evaporation-friendly clothing you can afford. Cotton isn’t on the list. Many fibers today provide superior wicking and evaporation that allow your sweat to do the work nature intended.

In general, during hot conditions keep fluid intake between 20-25 oz (approx 590-740 ml)/hr. Heavier athletes may consider intakes upwards of 25-30 oz (approx 830 ml)/hr. If you feel you need more fluids, keeping in mind that you will require additional electrolytes. Regular fluid intake over 30 oz (approx 890 ml)/hr increases the possibility of dilutional hyponatremia.

Use cold fluids as much as possible as your body absorbs them more rapidly than warm fluids. Cups and Ice will be provided on court.

Urine color can indicate hydration level. Dark yellow urine means low hydration. Pale to light yellow is good. Don’t confuse the bright yellow urine you get after vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) supplementation for the dark yellow urine that indicates overly concentrated urine.

During hot periods, avoid foods and fuels that contain low chain carbohydrates. These simple sugar fuels require more fluids and electrolytes for digestive purposes. Also avoid carbonated drinks, as the gas inhibits absorption.

Cool down gradually, but frequently. Cooling to quickly could cause cramping and nausea and further stress your body. Start with a small cold towel, and gradually lower your body temperature. Cold towels will be provided on court.

If you take medications, consult your doctor or pharmacist to determine if those medications make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion.